This is a LAB SHOP that reports experimental works online and sells them directly. and,I will regularly show my works regardless of whether it has been announced at the exhibition.

ここは実験的な作品をオンライン上で世の中に発表し、直売するLAB SHOP(ラボ・ショップ)です。実際に展覧会などで発表するか否か、未定の作品を随時更新していきます。


This series titled prologues takes an experimental approach to my ongoing exploration of 'the relationship between the inner and outer world.' In this series, I attempt to engage with the work’s conceptual framework more broadly and comprehensively by constructing works with experimental materials, support structures and techniques. Incorporating this as part of my studio practice, I seek the potential for new perspectives and visual expressions. In addition, this sort of approach allows me to notice gaps in my practice and think flexibly.